Enjoy solar energy today and help the people of tomorrow


JakSOLAR finances, installs, and operates solar power systems, delivering clean and affordable energy services to residential customers.


Renewable, clean and affordable solar energy

Solar energy impacts the way people work and live, bringing the promise of clean and renewable energy to the communities. Customer and community are our top priorities.
JakSOLAR is dedicated to providing solutions to deliver clean and affordable energy for our customers. JakSOLAR has deep insights to realize the maximum value for our customers’ investment in energy efficiency.


Our Services

JakSOLAR makes clean energy available to homeowners all over the United States at a lower cost than they pay for energy generated by burning fossil fuels like coal, oil and natural gas.

Easy Installation

We provide user-friendly services with full installation and maintenance of solar systems.

Billing and Reporting

We assist with billing process and custom reporting. We help you understand your energy efficiency.


We offer financial solutions to help you meet unique needs.

We make it easy for customers to switch to cleaner energy by managing the entire process, from permitting through installation, and provide ongoing monitoring and repair services.


Enjoy clean and renewable solar energy today and help the people of tomorrow.


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